Websites on grammar and language are plentiful. Here are some I think are worthwhile, or just fun:

Grammar and editing

The Bremner Center

American Copy Editors Society

Copyediting newsletter site

Common errors in English usage

Purdue University OWL (Online Writing Lab) (a great resource for students)

Grammar quizzes at Grammar Guide

Grammar Girl

Headsup: The Blog (news and editing from a journalism professor)

You Don’t Say (John McIntyre, editor at the Baltimore Sun)

Testy Copy Editors (editing testily since 1992)

Lingua Franca (language blog at the Chronicle of Higher Education)

Editor Mark’s blog

Fully (sic) (an Australian language blog)

Grammar Monkeys blog (I wrote these posts when I was at The Wichita Eagle)

Fun with linguistics

Language Log

The Eggcorn Database

The Snowclone Database

Fritinancy: Names, brands, writing, and the language of commerce

Separated by a common language (British vs. American English)

Sentence First blog


Harmless Drudgery (lexicography blog)


Visual Thesaurus

Make your own word cloud with Wordle


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